Selected Publications

Constantino, S.M., Pianta, S., Rinscheid, A., Frey, R., Weber, E.U. (2022) “Personal hardship narrows the partisan gap in COVID-19 and climate change responsesProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119(46).

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Xiao, A.Z., Sparkman, G., Constantino, S.M. (2022) “Like me or near me? Assessing which norm referents best promote energy conservation in a field study” [Preprint]

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Constantino, S.M., Pianta, S., Rinscheid, A., Frey, R., Weber, E.U. (2021) “The Source is the Message: The impact of institutional signals on climate change-related norm perceptions and behaviorsClimatic Change 166(35).

Sisco, M., Constantino, S.M., Gao, Y., Tavoni, M., Cooperman, A.D., Bosseti, V., Weber, E.U. (2021) “A Finite Pool of Worry or a Finite Pool of Attention?: Evidence and Qualifications.” [Preprint]

Vasconcelos, V.V., Constantino, S.M., Dannenberg, A., Lumkowsky, M., Weber, E.U., and Levin, S.A. (2021) “Segregation and clustering of preferences erode socially beneficial coordinationProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118(50).

Constantino, S.M. and Weber, E.U. (2021) “Decision-making under the deep uncertainty of climate change: The psychological and political agency of narrativesCurrent Opinion in Psychology, 42.

Constantino, S.M., Cooperman, A.D., Moreira, and T.M.Q. (2021) “Voting in a global pandemic: Assessing dueling influences of Covid-19 turnoutSocial Science Quarterly.

Constantino, S.M., Schlüter, M., Weber, E.U., and Wijermans, N. (2021) “Cognition and behavior in context: A framework and theories to explain natural resource use decisions in social-ecological systemsSustainability Science, 16(5).

Balakrishnan, S., Constantino, S.M., Nunez, S. “Building a Helicopter: The COVID-19 pandemic exposes the implementation challenges of a widespread cash transfer policy.” Jain Family Institute White Paper

Selected Grants


Collaborative Proposal. Responses to complex disruptive events: Cognition in a socio-political context. National Science Foundation, SES-DRMS. PIs: Constantino, S.M., Oppenheimer. M., Weber, E.U., Shwom. R., Cooperman, A.

Collaborative Proposal. Household Response to an Income Support Policy: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in The City of Compton. J-PAL North America’s Work of the Future. PI: Jonathan Morduch; Co-PI: Constantino, S.M., Balakrishnan, S., Chan, S., Haushofer, J.


RAPID. Public Responses to Personal and Societal Risk: Attitudes and Behavior on COVID-19 and Global Change. National Science Foundation, SES-DRMS. Grant Co-author. PIs: Weber, E.U., Keohane, R.O.


Data Driven Social Science Initiative. Princeton University.