Selected Publications

Constantino, S.M., Pianta, S., Rinscheid, A., Frey, R., Weber, E.U. (2021) “The Source is the Message: The Role of Institutional Signals on Individual Norm Perceptions.” [Under Review]

Sisco, M., Constantino, S.M., Gao, Y., Tavoni, M., Cooperman, A.D., Bosseti, V., Weber, E.U. (2021) “Finite Pool of Worry: Evidence and Qualifications.” [Under Review]

Constantino, S.M., Bicchieri, C., Vogt, S., Kraft-Todd, G., Sparkman, G., Shell-Duncan, B., Centola, D., and Weber, E.U. (2021) “The Devil in the Details of Social Norm Interventions: Governance from Above and Below.” Psychological Science in the Public Interest. [Invited, under review]

Krueger, E.*, Constantino, S.M.*, Centeno, M.A., Elmqvist, T., Weber, E.U., and Levin, S. “Sustainable Urban Governance: A Social-Ecological-Technological Perspective.” (2021) Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. [Invited, under review]

Constantino, S.M.*, Wijermans, N.*, Weber, E.U., Schlüter, M. (2021) “Behavior in Context: Towards a Comprehensive Selection and Taxonomy of Behavioral Theories for Socio-Ecological Systems Research.” [Under review]

Balakrishnan, S., Constantino, S.M., Nunez, S. “Building a Helicopter: The COVID-19 pandemic exposes the implementation challenges of a widespread cash transfer policy.” Jain Family Institute White Paper

Lenow, J.K., Constantino, S.M., Daw, N.D. and Phelps, E.A. (2017) “Chronic and Acute Stress Promote Overexploitation in Serial Decision Making.” Journal of Neuroscience 37(23): 5681-5689.

Constantino, S.M. and Daw, N.D. (2016) “Learning the Opportunity Cost of Time in a Patch-Foraging Task.” Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience 15(4): 837–853.

Selected Grants


Collaborative Proposal. Responses to complex disruptive events: Cognition in a socio-political context. National Science Foundation, SES-DRMS. PIs: Constantino, S.M., Oppenheimer. M., Weber, E.U., Shwom. R., Cooperman, A.

Collaborative Proposal. Household Response to an Income Support Policy: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in The City of Compton. J-PAL North America’s Work of the Future. PI: Jonathan Morduch; Co-PI: Constantino, S.M., Balakrishnan, S., Chan, S., Haushofer, J.


RAPID. Public Responses to Personal and Societal Risk: Attitudes and Behavior on COVID-19 and Global Change. National Science Foundation, SES-DRMS. Grant Co-author. PIs: Weber, E.U., Keohane, R.O.


Data Driven Social Science Initiative. Princeton University.